Tips for Low Maintenance Festival Hair

Festival trickiness is a two-pronged attack: 

ONE - The practicalities. 3 - 5 days with no shower, tongs and minimal products makes for pretty limited creative styling options.

TWO - Selecting your 'do. Braids, buns, glitter roots and colour chalk are the usual line up of trends that have been done to death every festival season and giving the kiss of life to these styles, even for the most stylish of babe, can be a struggle. 

So we at SILKE HQ have put together our top hair tips for that festival tent life, giving you easy styling, easy packing and gorgeous locks!  


Get a blow dry at the last minute before you set off for your festival weekend. Sounds crazy right? A blow dry before you prepare to sleep in a field... but trust us on this one. 
Pack your SILKE Hair Wrap and watch your blow-dry go the distance. Wrapping your hair in one of our 100% pure silk turbans when you retire to your tent will ensure your cuticles smooth come the morning; say goodbye to that aggressive bedhead or dance-enduced frizz. SILKE'LL handle that.


Greasy hair by day 2 of a festival is unavoidable - right? NOPE... well not for our SILKE converts ;)

The SILKE Hair Wrap helps to distribute the hairs’ natural oils from root to tip preventing build up at the roots, something you don’t want to deal with without running water and styling tools.

That bouncy blow dry will see you through, but as your hair loses volume over the weekend, add some texturising spray to create beachy waves and a few mini braids.   


A nineties pony like the one Gwen Stefani rocked at Glastonbury is the perfect up do with slightly oily hair; ideal for the day 3+. Bonus: Sky-high pony gives you that little mini face lift, ideal for the day 3+ festival face.

Secure your pony tightly at the crown of the head with a SILKE Hair Tie. Made from super strong elastics cased in 100% pure silk, you won't have to worry about letting your hair back down. Expect zero snapping, snagging or kinks! 


There’s only one way to round up your festival hair journey, and that’s with braids. All over, or go dutch - jazz them up, but be sure to secure the ends with a pair of SILKE Hair Ties. A simple black or champagne pairing is cool and classic, but nothing says festival like the jewel tones which are super vibrant and stand out whilst simultaneously caring for the ends of your braids.  


SILKE London are the go-to to help your hair survive the long festival weekend. The best bit? They don’t require electricity, they’re simple to pack AND they serve major festival vibes.

Now who's a happy camper?


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