Care For Your Hair Post-Heatwave...

Here in the UK we’ve had a grand total of 5.5 hot days, BUT an August bank holiday heatwave may be on the horizon, so don’t count the British Summer time out just yet! 

Whether your hair is recovering from fun in the sun post-staycation or holidaying abroad, you’ll want to take notes of our ‘post-heatwave hair tips’. 

Shed Those Dead Ends 

First things first, get booked in with your hairstylist and get rid of all those dead ends. No matter how extreme our hair care regime, the ends of our hair will always lean towards the dryer side post-heatwave. So chop them off and cut the dead weight! 

Top Up On Treatments

Our founder, Maria Sotiriou, recommends treating your hair and scalp to a soothing and hydrating oil mask once a week during normal weather conditions. When it comes to post-heatwave you’ll want to squeeze in an extra one if you can to really feel those moisture boosting benefits. 

Go Heatless 

Give your hair a break from excessive heat styling and go heatless. Maria always recommends blow-drying your hair properly after hair wash day, then focusing on prolonging your hair styling rather than having to retouch it everyday. 

The easiest way to prolong that fresh blow-dry is by cocooning your hair in 100% pure silk as you sleep with a SILKE Hair Wrap. The Hair Wrap will distribute the oils that are naturally created by your scalp from root to tip, so no more greasy hair days and no more washing your hair every other day. You’ll be rocking day 4, 5 + 6 day hair in no time! 

Beware: Sneaky Damage 

The majority of hair damage happens when we sleep and by providing a physical barrier by wearing a SILKE Hair Wrap you can protect your mane from any further damage, especially when it’s feeling a little vulnerable. 

Using traditional hair ties with metal clasps can also inflict unnecessary damage on your hair; they’re infamous for causing snapping and snapping when you’re doing something as simple as undoing a ponytail. Making a simple switch to our 100% SILKE Hair Ties means you can take your hair up and down as you please without any snapping, snagging or kinks. 

Love, SILKE xo


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