Halloween Hair Scaries… and how to avoid them!

Co-founder of SILKE London and pro-hairdresser with 30+ years of experience, Maria Sotiriou, has all the tips and tricks you need to rid your Halloween (and beyond) of hair scaries. 


Spine Chilling Split Ends

  • To be blunt… cut them off. Every 6-8 weeks is a must! 
  • Avoid any split ends travelling up the hair shaft. Remember, future damage isn’t always visible until it’s too late. It’s best to always take preventative measures such as limiting the amount of shampooing and styling with hot tools.
  • Wear your SILKE London Hair Wrap nightly to maintain styled hair for longer and lessen the need for shampoo and excessive re-styling.
  • Use a cream based protection lotion as opposed to a spray protection. With a cream heat protectant you can achieve a more even distribution of product, root to tip!


Gruesome Greasy Roots

  • Not washing hair thoroughly is a common reason for greasy hair. Take care to distribute shampoo evenly all around the scalp paying special attention to areas around the back of ears and nape of the neck. These are the warmest parts of the head, and if grease isn’t cleansed away thoroughly it will build up and distribute around the scalp continuously.
  • A very common problem is being greasy at the root and very dry at the ends. Sleeping on regular pillows will dehydrate the hair by absorbing all the moisture. Your pillow is essentially stealing the oil at the roots so it can’t travel down the hair shaft to hydrate the ends. In this scenario I recommend conditioning the hair from root to ends. It’s not a popular opinion, but opening the ‘gateway’ for even distribution of oil is key. 
  • Sleep with your hair cocooned in a SILKE London Hair Wrap. This will enable the scalp and hair to achieve a healthy balance and encourage oil distribution from root to tip, hair growth and enhanced condition.


Deadly Dry Hair 

  • Dry hair can benefit massively from a pre-washday oil treatment. Before washing your hair, apply warmed oil i.e. olive, coconut oil, or a combination of the two. Distribute it throughout the whole head and scalp, cover in a shower cap and leave it in for as long as you have time for, even overnight if possible. For the first wash, apply shampoo straight onto the oiled hair and massage thoroughly. Rinse and continue as normal.
  • Increase the use of hair masks as opposed to conditioners.
  • Keeping your hair well hydrated and supple will help with maintaining any colour treatments you’ve invested in. Porous hair can’t hold hair colour, so your hair will thank you!
  • A great tip for giving a quick defrizz and instant shine to the hair is the SILKE London “Warm and Wrap”. Use a hairdryer and quickly blow warm air through your hair by rotating the dryer downwards throughout the hair. Take your SILKE London Hair Wrap and place it onto your head, gather the ends of hair together and gently tuck into the Hair Wrap at the nape of the neck. Leave on for a few minutes, take off and your hair will look and feel softer, smoother and less frizzy!

Happy Halloween!

Love, SILKE xo 

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