How To Ace Party Season Hair…With Ease

It’s party season and we’re all in the same boat...

First comes party season with countless after work Christmas outings that realistically you have no time to prep for but are still expected to look like festive perfection for (not only the night of, but also the morning after too).

Then comes Christmas itself.. You’ve hit maximum on the mulled wine consumption scale, but still you, and your hair, are expected to turn up and turn out.

But it doesn’t stop there, after a short layover where no one really knows what time, or what day it is, you’re into the New Year. It’s your sequins' last outing for the next few months and your hair needs to match their enthusiasm. 

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it… don’t fret, SILKE London have got your back! Your hair care can be checked off with minimum effort so you can use all that extra energy and time on other areas that may need extra help; eye bags anyone? Hell yeah. 

First things first, make your hair wash days work hard. SILKE London’s founder, Maria Sotiriou says, 

Be sure to apply shampoo to both the front and the back of your head, as people often concentrate on the top. The dirtiest areas are often at the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Next, use the pads of your fingertips and avoid using your nails to massage in the suds, as this can damage your follicles, roots and scalp. Be sure to massage your scalp and not just your hair, as this is where products and grease build up, leading to dandruff."

Next, make that blowdry goes the distance. Forget redoing it every two days, by wearing our Hair Wrap overnight and cocooning your hair in 100% pure silk, you can get used to loving your 3rd, 4th and 5th day hair! 

The Hair Wrap is a pro at holding your style, so you can put down the heated tools for touch ups and enjoy healthier locks. Cocooning also promotes even distribution of your scalps natural oils so your hair will feel hydrated from root to tip; bye, bye greasy hair days. 

Sounds clever huh? 

And one last thing, when you’re fancying an up-do make sure to switch out your regular hair ties with their nasty abrasive fabrics and metal clasps...Simply switch them for our 100% pure silk hair ties that allow you to pop your locks up and take them down as many times as you like with zero kinks or damage.

Perfect for the ‘eating Christmas dinner’ up-do. Method tried and tested by the SILKE London team.

Remember it’s not all about you... Make sure your mane is having a happy Christmas and New Year too!

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