Introducing our brand new SILKE Hair Wrap… The Kate.

The first new color launch of our cult hair care product The SILKE Hair Wrap has landed. Aptly named ‘The Kate’ after it’s royal blue tones, this brand new SILKE Hair Wrap comes in a special edition gold foil box, because. . . it's lavish, and you deserve lavish.

Navy was always amongst the top picks when we first launched the Hair Wraps, but since so many of our SILKE coverts have written to us to request this colour too and we are obsessed with our loyal customers and love to hear their feedback, it made sense to give them the colour they craved. 

The name came shortly after we chose the colour. The navy silk was so rich and elegant in it's tones that we felt it deserved no less than royal status. And there is a very royal and elegant Kate that we think would totally rock this wrap too!

So what else is different...?

This hair wrap comes in a special edition box. The SILKE London pattern is gold foiled, to add an extra hint of extra pizazz, because who doesn’t want extra pizazz?!

Here at SILKE London we take packaging very seriously and we pour a lot of love and energy into the process. We want every touch point for our customers to feel special, and that includes the entire experience of seeing, feeling and unboxing our products.

Throughout our initial research process, we felt that hair care products generally lacked that luxury feel when buying and receiving; it felt like a necessity, not a treat. This inspired us to make the SILKE Hair Wrap box super ‘giftable’, whether that’s a gift ‘To Me, From Me’, or to someone else. Our SILKE customers should always feel excited and special when they receive their order. 

Once the box is opened, we also place a little love note with a twist inside (we can’t share this secret here!). The hair wrap is then wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a SILKE London heart by hand, so you know this hair wrap is made only to be opened by you.

The Kate is the perfect beauty lover's gift, not only because it does pretty much everything you could possibly want from a product to care for your hair, but it’s absolutely beautiful too.


We recommend gifting this to…anyone with a head. 

The Kate launches 24th October 2017. Shop The Kate here.

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