Post Heatwave Hair: Bid Farewell to Frizz and Frazzled Ends

You had the best time in the sun. Your hair? Not so much... 

Harmful UVA and UVB sun rays, chlorine, salt water, intense air conditioning and extreme heat, all take their toll and leave your locks feeling lacklustre, dry and dull. 

We have some helpful hacks to prevent damage and focus on repairing and re-nourishing your hair after sun exposure. 


Cover Up:
Celebs such as Beyonce and Rihanna have been known to wrap their hair in 100% pure silk whilst enjoying a day out in the sun. Even though aesthetically this is styling we can all get on board with, they’re actually creating a shield between harmful sun rays and their hair. 


Avoid Getting Your Hair Wet:
Where possible avoid dunking your head into swimming pools and the sea. Your locks aren’t going to enjoy being soaked in salt and chlorine.


Give Back To Your Hair Whilst Your Sleep:
After a few weeks of frizz-inducing humidity, and sleepless nights on abrasive cotton pillows (infamous for drawing the moisture and natural oils from your hair) your scalp and mane are left feeling super dry. 

Our 100% pure silk, SILKE Hair Wrap smoothes hair cuticles allowing them to lay flat whilst retaining and redistributing your scalp's essential oils from root to tip, to naturally hydrate and condition your hair. Bid farewell to frizz and frazzled split ends.


Beware When Brushing:
Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. Try to avoid any harsh brushing until your hair is at least partially dry. If you really have to, stick to a wide tooth comb and brush through the ends, before working your way up to the root, to avoid tension as much as possible. 


Say ‘bye, bye’ To A Rough Dry:
Post-heatwave & post-sun hair is fragile, so don’t punish your lengths further by flipping your head upside down and drying with a towel. Towels are abrasive and this could lead to weak hair, snapping and snagging.

Switch your towel to an old T-shirt and gently wrap your hair; this method is far kinder and gentler.


Switch Out Your Hair Ties:
Post-heatwave, your hair is more prone to breakage than ensure your up-do’s aren’t contributing to the problem! 

Made from super strong elastic and cased in luxurious 100% pure silk - our SILKE Hair Ties glide effortlessly against your hair and eliminate kinks, snaps and damage. They also look just as stunning around your wrist as they do holding up your pony and buns! 


Love your hair with these SILKE tips, and your hair will strengthen, lengthen, thicken, shine and love you right back!

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