Prep Your Party Hair with SILKE London

Party season is almost upon us, whether you’re celebrating at home or out and about, one thing’s for sure, we’re all excited for a little bit of glitz and glam! 

SILKE London’s co-founder, Maria Sotiriou, has some top pro tips to prep, and keep your hair in tip top condition all party season long, as well as some hair inspo. 

Tip: Make That Blow-Dry Go The Distance

Make your blow-dry work for you this holiday season, because who has time to be in and out of the salon every five minutes? Not us, that’s for sure. 

Cocooning your fresh blow-dry in your 100% pure silk Hair Wrap whilst you’re asleep or just lounging on the sofa will act as a physical barrier between your blow-dry and abrasive fabrics like cotton pillows that infamously suck the moisture from your hair resulting in frizz and unwanted breakage. 

Wearing your Hair Wrap will also distribute your scalp's natural oils from root to tip, so not only will your hair be hydrated and healthy, but you can avoid any grease build up at the roots. Say hello to day 3, 4 and 5 hair! 

Inspo: @alvaclaire pairs a slick bun with statement earrings. 


When you reach day 6 + 7, make those excess natural oils work for you. We’re obsessed with a slick bun and statement jewellery combination; it’s super glam, but channeling ‘cool girl’ at the same time. Pop a SILKE Hair Tie in to finish your look without causing any unnecessary damage to your hair with tight up-do styling. 

The SILKE London Hair Ties are made from 100% pure silk so they glide in and out of your hair with ease; no more snapping, snagging or kinks!

Tip: Cut Out Excess Styling 

Whether it’s blow-drying, hot tools or excessive styling products, it’s unnecessary and causes stress and damage to your hair especially when done over and over as we do during party season. 

Pick your style, spend time perfecting it after your hair wash, then keep all retouching and restyling to a minimum. Wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap can really help to keep that style intact. Our favourite tricks are gently twisting your hair into a loose bun at the crown of your head before popping on your Hair Wrap for a boost of volume, or gently braiding your hair in sections pre-Hair Wrap for loose mermaid waves. 

Remember, if you blow-dry and style your hair properly when it’s freshly washed it’ll save you a whole lot of redos and time!  

Inspo: @palomija shows us how long, effortless waves paired with a super glam outfit is the combination of the season. 


Natural and effortless hair and makeup paired with a super glam, outthere outfit is a combination we’re invested in! It creates the perfect balance so you can feel super confident and not overdone. It’s also great news for your hair as this styling is super easy on your hair and can be perfected and touched up without too many hot tools or products; it also looks more fabulous the more ‘lived in’ it gets.


Tip: Increase Your Hair’s Porosity 

Booked in for a holiday season colour appointment? Wearing your Hair Wrap in the run up to the appointment will not only keep damage to a minimum and the health of your hair at an all time high, but it will also increase the porosity of the hair, which is great news for your colourist. 

The more porous your hair, the more it can drink in the colour products being applied. 

Not only will your colour be more beautiful than ever, but it’ll last longer and will have an overall more vibrant shine and vibrancy. 

Inspo: It’s All About The Brunettes


Every cool girl from Gigi Hadid to Hailey Baldwin has been spotted taking their blonde locks to a more natural and subtle shade of brunette. Dancing between the lines of blonde and brunette has a really gorgeous, soft and subtle effect which would be a beautiful, yet subtle change to consider for the holiday season. 

This option is also perfect for anyone looking to grow out any natural colour. Combine that with wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly and you’ll have long, natural locks in no time at all. 


Happy party season, 

Love, SILKE xo 

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