Shiny, shiny crystal ball, what 2017 hair trends will win them all. . .

As fashion month gets in to full swing tribes from across the globe will flock on mass, donned head to toe in extravagant fashions to be presented their pick-a-mix of next seasons goodies. 

As our very own London's Fashion Week commences, we look into our crystal ball here at SILKE London and share our top hair trend predictions; and it looks like it’s going to be all about bold choices, and we like it! 


With last years ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’ paving the way for trends such as grey, metallics and pastels, we’re thinking we should be paying attention to all things green; Neon green.

Whether it’s every strand on your head, a root or a tip; it’s a thing!


On the flip side, we’re thinking dark and rich; emerald green. It’s a ‘make you look twice’ kind of look, not too in your face but really pretty and interesting.


All shapes, all sizes and all colours; the fringe is back in a big way. We’re even partial to a nod to the 90’s centre parting fringe.. Channel your inner boy band and go forth.


 Think 70’s dancefloor divas, 50’s glam and ravers all under one roof. No more ‘pick one and stick to it’ you can be which ever you want, or combine them all!

And the best way to keep all these styles looking their best. . .The SILKE Hair Wrap

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