The No-Nonsense Guide to Surviving Fashion Month.

From the outside looking in, Fashion Month seems like the only place you’d want to be for the entire month of September; it’s glam, it’s exciting and it’s fabulous to be ‘in the loop’.

From the inside looking out, Fashion Month is a jungle and should NOT be entered unprepared or uncaffeinated, unless you don’t care to come out the other side in one piece.

So we'd like to share some SILKE London Fashion Week wisdom.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

Get your schedule, lay it out and plan (whip out the cute stationary, it's not just for looking pretty on the shelf).  Everything from meal times, outfits to beauty treatments need to be planned out and booked in. Don’t miss out anything you wouldn’t usually deprive yourself of during a normal week. Need a blow-dry? Get the blow-dry.

Editor tip.. Most fashion/beauty editors will scout out salons and book in three/four 7am blow-dries throughout the course of each cities fashion week, weeks in advance, that way they know they’re in the safe hands of the professionals they love; hair disaster avoided!

Maximise Down-Time.

Your blow-dries are booked, your travel is planned, and now it’s time to become a Fashion Month pro. Do as the veterans do and maximise that down time. Whether it’s the four hours sleep you’re going to get or the hour-long commute to the shows, use the time to your advantage.

SILKE London has THE product (if we do say so ourselves) to make sure you maximise your downtime with minimal effort, the SILKE Hair Wrap. It delivers huge results overnight, fighting any damage or environmental stresses your mane encounters in the city, and making that blow dry last all week. Pop it on, tuck your hair in… and that’s IT.


Make Beauty choices that Go the Distance.

During Fashion Month, you’re out all day and all night. There’s minimal opportunities for make-up/hair top ups or outfit changes so be prepared for your look to do the long haul.

WEAR, something that makes you feel fabulous and confident. Think comfortable - yet chic as hell. If you aren’t going to be comfortable all day (and all night) in heels, avoid, avoid, avoid. Trainers are ‘fashion’ now, take full advantage of this before it goes away.

APPLY, make-up that’s kind to your face. A harsh lip or eye look is going to need top ups, and on Fashion Week you don’t know who you’re going to run into or when, so keep it simple, pretty and low maintenance. Make setting spray your new bff, smudges are not cute girls.  

STYLE, your hair in a way that you know you can count on. Who cares if sky high beehives are all the rage... If it’s going to flop after half an hour, save it for your next Instagram post because it ain’t the look for Fashion Week. Play around with how you usually wear your hair and switch it up with easy alterations such as a parting change, add a cute clip or practice a cool up-do with a SILKE Hair Tie. It's all about confidence without constant mirror checks.

The Quick Change.

From ‘day to night’ is Fashion Week’s most practised transformation. The easiest way to do it? Wear it up, then take it down... We’re talking about the pony tail.

Using the SILKE Hair Ties you can wear your hair up all day and not have to worry about letting it down for those all-important after parties. They’re made from 100% pure silk, so not only do they minimise damage, snapping and snagging they also keep kinks to an absolute minimum - ensuring your hair looks just as gorgeous when you take it down as when you put it up all those hours before!

Don’t worry about taking up space with hair ties in your teeny tiny, but oh so fashionable bag, just pop them on your wrist! They look just as stunning out of the hair as they do when they’re at work!

So, there you have it. We've given you the tips and tools, all that's left is for you to work Fashion Month in the easiest, most hair-flickable, SILKE London way.

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