The Autumn / Winter Hair Trends to Note…

Post fashion month we’ve been spoiled with a brand set of new hair trends to pull inspo from as we move into Autumn / Winter. 

The temperatures may be dropping, but your commitment to rocking your best ever hair certainly doesn’t have too.. 

90’s Volume


It’s back; bigger and better than ever. 

Our top tip to create this look, whatever your hair texture, is to pop your hair into a loose bun at the top of your head before you don your SILKE Hair Wrap at night. Come morning your hair will have a natural lift at the roots, instantly helping you on your way to voluminous locks, minus the excessive hair products, hot tools and blow-drying!


Cut Shapes


We’ve all been obsessed with ‘face framing’ when it comes to colour placement for the past few seasons, but with Autumn / Winter we’ll be ‘face framing’ with our haircuts. 

Rock that natural texture and highlight your facial features with a delicate fringe, layers or a soft shag / wolf cut. When opting for soft layering and embracing texture, your hair will ALWAYS look it’s best when hydrated. By wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly you can be sure that the natural oils from your scalp will be evenly distributed from root to tip. Hello, easy hydration!

Block Bleach 


When it comes to colour placement, it’s all about panels and stark contrast. Whether it’s black to bleached or pink and green; whatever your preference be sure your hair stays healthy and hydrated before, during and after the transformation. 

Did you know that wearing your Hair Wrap nightly will increase your hair’s porosity prior to a colour appointment? This is great news for you and your dream hair, as your mane will be able to drink up, and hold onto more of that colour product, whilst remaining super glossy and shiny.


Copper Twist 


Copper, red and golden tones come back around every Autumn / Winter, I guess it goes hand in hand with the Starbucks menu rotation; pumpkin spice lattes are truly influential! 

This season add a twist and air on the side of Strawberry Blonde. This is the perfect option for all you blondes looking for a refresh, but nothing irreversible. Why not give it a try? 


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Love, SILKE xo

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