Love Is In The Hair! Discover the SILKE Self Love Edit…

In honour of Valentine’s Day, what better ‘love’ to celebrate than ‘self-love’.


For the love of sleep...

If you love catching those extra zzz’s and are in a committed relationship with your bed, the SILKE Hair Wrap is the self-love gift for you! 

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so why not make it count. 

Wearing your Hair Wrap nightly comes with some major benefits for your hair. Skip the bedhead and any unwanted frizz, enjoy a boost of hydration, no tangles and no unwanted breakage caused by abrasive fabrics. Cotton pillows, we’re looking at you! 

Over time, your hair will be healthier, stronger, and shinier and longer, all with very minimal effort. So make a tea, light a candle and give your hair the self-care it deserves.


For the fitness lovers... 

Whether you’re a cardio bunny, weightlifter or a pilates princess, you’re going to want to make the switch from your regular hair bands to the SILKE Hair Ties

Taking your hair up, down, and back up again, is a trait our fitness lovers will know all too well. What if that could happen without causing any damage, snapping, or snagging and with absolutely no kinks?! 

SILKE Hair Ties have a 100% mulberry silk exterior and super strong elastic interior, so they have the strength to hold your up-do in place all workout long but can slide out of your hair as you let you hair down without pulling a strand out of place. 


For the girls on the go... 

If you love a ‘fresh out the salon’ bouncy blow dry look but don’t love the time, effort, and arm strength it requires, the SILKE Heatless Curler is the one for you! The kit comes with everything you need to create that gorgeous bouncy blow dry simply by wearing it to bed. 

Just wake up, whip it out, add your favourite finishing spray and you’re ready to go! This self-love treat saves you time, energy and eliminates heat damage from your routine - hello happy hair!


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Love, SILKE xo 

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