How To Beat The Winter Hair Blues

The transition into Winter can be hard on your hair. Our co-founder and top pro hairstylist with over 30+ years of experience, Maria Sotiriou, takes on 4 winter hair problems and how to solve them... 

1. Humidity 

“The aim is to pack the hair with moisture from hair treatments such as hair masks; done weekly these will really help tackle humidity. 

The ultimate goal is to get happy, smoothed down cuticles. To achieve that you’ll need to avoid hot tools as much as you can, I lean on my SILKE London Heatless Hurler Kit, throughout the cooler months because it keeps my hair looking styled, with minimal need for heat or refreshing. 

I also always use a hair serum, but smoothing it through dried hair will help to seal those cuticles down thus making your hair more resistant to absorbing unwanted moisture from humidity!” 


2. Dryness 

“Switch your shampoo and conditioner to sulphate free, bond building options throughout the Winter. Bond building products work within the cortex (middle) of the hair, in doing so they repair and prevent further damage and dryness. I always reach for K18! 

Make time for a pre-wash hair mask or natural oil treatment; depending on the hair type, either option is good. Whilst washing the hair, turn the heat of your water down; this is so much more important than you may think when it comes to locking in moisture and the benefits of those hair wash products.”


3. Frizz 

“Quick tip, if you are short of time and need to eliminate frizz from your hair, run warm air through your hair then slip on a SILKE London Hair Wrap. Leave it on for a few minutes or longer, and as if by magic your hair will be remarkably less frizzy!

A pre-wash oil treatment can also work wonders for frizz. Apply, wrap your hair with a shower cap or towel for 20 minutes, then wash twice thoroughly with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for maximum results.” 



4. Greasy roots & dry ends 

“The Winter months can dehydrate your hair, especially colour treated hair, whilst also leaving the roots looking greasy. A combination we all try to avoid!  

Using a scalp brush as a cleanser when you wash your hair will help, but by wearing a SILKE Hair Wrap, nightly you can ensure that the natural oils produced by your scalp are evenly distributed from root to tip, keeping greasy roots at bay and allowing your lengths to benefit from added natural hydration. 

It also makes the need for washing your hair less so your blow-dry can really go the distance without excess water, heat, and products!” 


Look after your hair this Winter! 

Love, SILKE xo 

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