You Need These Central Heating Hair Hacks.


Winter is coming”... And we’re blasting the central heating already here at SILKE HQ - it’s FREEZING. 

The transition from Summer to Fall can be hard on your hair, thanks to changes in the elements and central heating. These stresses can only mean one thing; hello knots, tangles and frizz. We crank up our central heating, but like a fraudulent friend - while it’s keeping us toasty, it is sapping all the hydration and life from our locks. Do we really stand a chance? Are our Autumnal hair goals as good as done before we’ve even gotten going? 

Maria Sotiriou, London hairstylist and SILKE London brand founder, has 5 easy hacks to combat temperature change. 


Limit Shampooing. Immediately.

Stretch out your hair wash days as far apart as possible. The SILKE Hair Wrap helps to prolong time between washes as well as preserving your blow-dry for third, fourth and fifth day hair!

Get the Chop.

This is the perfect time to have a good haircut. Go to your trusted hairdresser and ask them for a chop that takes your hair all the way up to completely healthy ends. From here on in, a 3mm trim every 6 weeks will keep your hair in peak condition, no matter the conditions outside.

Take Extra Care of Your Top Layer.

From the crown upward will be where the most damage occurs from tying your hair up and all that sun damage post-holiday. Avoid hair elastics as much as possible to protect the top layer of your hair, or replace entirely with 100% silk, SILKE Hair Ties, in sumptuous jewel and classic shades.

Shine Spray that Static Away.  

A lil spritz of your favourite shine spray will keep static from those (Autumn essential) chunky knit jumpers and faux fur coat collars at bay. Try to steer clear of artificial oils, they can just make your hair unnecessarily greasy. 

Lifeless and Lacklustre? We’re OK Thanks…

Pin your hair at the top of your head beneath your SILKE Hair Wrap to add volume overnight AND save time on those chilly mornings. More time under the duvet is always a plus!


Get Fall ready and shop the SILKE Hair Wraps and Hair Ties here. . Name a more iconic power couple, we’ll wait..

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