The Damaging Hair Cycle

The current hair care market revolves around something I like to call ‘The Damaging Hair Cycle.’

We are often encouraged to use electric heated hair stylers to achieve the look we want, which causes extreme damage to our hair. Once the damage has occurred it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve a glossy style, as you are now having to work all that much harder to manage dull, tired and broken hair.

Thus more money is spent on conditioning treatments to try and revitalise hair and more time is spent using electric hair stylers in an attempt to achieve the style you desire. Creating an endless self-perpetuating damaging hair cycle

I want to stop that damaging hair cycle in its tracks.

That’s why I developed The SILKE Hair Wrap. The SILKE Hair Wrap treats your locks with the respect they deserve, repairing and nurturing your hair so it can be the strongest, healthiest and naturally best it can be, to look amazing regardless of how you choose to style it. 

The SILKE Hair Wrap maintains your hair style overnight, immediately reducing the amount of time you’ll need to use your heated stylers preventing damage from daily restyling.

Hair is protected from damaging friction that would otherwise be detrimental to vulnerable hair, and natural oils are distributed evenly along your hair shafts - acting as a naturally nourishing and deeply conditioning treatment as you sleep. So your locks are able to naturally hydrate, repair and grow each and every night.

As your oils are spread from root to tip, oils are no longer concentrated at the roots and are now able to reach the dry, brittle ends they are so desperately trying to feed. Your ends are able to thicken and greasy hair days are few and far between - so you wash your hair less.

I never tell anyone to stop styling their hair, what I do say is - use your SILKE Hair Wrap and break free from whatever tiring and damaging hair cycle you might be locked in to, and soon you will find you wont be reaching for those heated stylers as often. ;)...

Maria x

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