Achieving Your Hair Goals with SILKE

We know how it feels to have the ultimate hair goals, but not know how to reach them... It can be frustrating!

Did you know that SILKE London was born from that exact feeling? 

Maria Sotiriou, founder of SILKE London and hairdresser with 30+ years of experience, was experiencing hair breakage and shedding night after night. When she discussed the issue with her clients she realised that they were experiencing the same thing. They’d go to sleep, and awake each morning to snapped hair on their pillows...

Maria desperately wanted to offer a she started testing. She wrapped her hair at night in everything she could think of including a pair of nylon tights, but nothing seemed to really work. That is until she found the 100% pure mulberry silk that the gorgeous SILKE London Hair Wraps are made from today. 

Once she realised that this was the material with all the magic, she scoured the market looking for hair bonnets and wraps to pass on to her clients, but all she could find were cheap satin, unflattering, old fashioned bonnets, and that was the light bulb moment. 

SILKE London was born with its first product, the Hair Wrap


So how can the SILKE Hair Wrap help with your specific hair problem(s) and transform the health of your hair?

  • Fight the Frizz: if you’re suffering with frizz, your hair is battling a combination of damage, breakage, and the effects of humidity. Not only will the Hair Wrap keep your hair safe from abrasive fabrics whilst you sleep (stopping breakage and snapping in their tracks), it will also encourage hair cuticles to lay nice and flat, so you can say goodbye to that wild bedhead. This puts you in the best possible position to fight humidity throughout the day! 
  • Bedhead? No More: with the cuticles laying nice and flat your bedhead is long gone. Kiss goodbye to battling your styling tools every morning. This Hair Wrap is a real time saver! 
  • The Damage is Done: damage of any kind can be really frustrating. For existing damage the Hair Wrap ensures that the hair is nourished from root to tip, promoting healing from within for your locks. 

    Did you know, most of the damage your hair incurs, happens whilst you're asleep (hence Maria’s shedding on her pillow every morning)? YES! By creating a physical barrier between your hair and the abrasive fabric of your pillow, you can stop any damage heading your way with minimal effort! 
  • Greasy Roots, Dry Ends: by cocooning the hair in the Hair Wrap each and every night you can ensure that your scalps natural oils are distributed evenly from root to tip. That means no more dry ends, and no more grease heavy roots. And what's more is that greasy hair days are far and few between!
  • Prolong that Blow-Dry: washing, drying and styling your hair is a treat, but not something you have the time and energy to do ALL the time. When you do put that effort into your hair, you want it to last. By preventing excess grease at the root, the Hair Wrap can ensure your style lasts through day 2, 3, 4 + 5! 
  • All I Want Is To Air-Dry: trying to use less heat on your hair? If your hair is damaged and frizzy, you won’t be able to air-dry without it feeling like a battle. By caring for the general health of your hair each and every night you can get your mane to a place where you can rock your natural texture, no styling required. Healthy hair is happy hair.

Maria is a huge believer that no matter your hair’s style, colour or texture, healthy hair will ALWAYS be the biggest and most beautiful hair trend. 

We’re also all about minimum effort with maximum results…so to achieve all of the above, all you have to do is pop on a Hair Wrap every night; simple!

Love, SILKE x

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