Skincare Solutions With SILKE

By now we all know the amazing overnight benefits the SILKE Hair Wrap has for your hair, but what about your skin? 

Our co-founder, Christine Sotiriou, credits her Hair Wrap for her amazing skin transformation. The results really do speak for themselves!

Christine says, 

“You might think that tying your hair up at night or even sleeping on a silk pillowcase will be enough to stop your breakouts, but it’s not.

Worn overnight the SILKE Hair Wrap keeps your hair completely off your face and pillowcase, so the dirt, grease and product build up from your hair and scalp doesn’t get on your pillowcase, or your skin. 

When the dirt from your hair and scalp come into contact with your pillow, and then inevitably your skin, you end up with unwanted clogged pores. Simply keeping your hair cocooned in the Hair Wrap can keep your sleeping arrangements clean and clear of potential pore congestion.

It makes a lot of sense how this method stopped my spots and breakouts.”

Keep your hair and skin happy overnight with your SILKE Hair Wrap.

Have any questions about the SILKE Hair Wrap, how it works, or how it can be used to improve your skin? Head over to here and leave your questions in the comments! 

Love, SILKE xo

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