Your Day-By-Day Holiday Hair Guide

We all know we could do with some time in the sun, but do you know how to protect your hair to keep it looking and feeling fresh? Whatever the length of your break, we have the ultimate day-by-day holiday hair care guide 


4 Days: the extended weekend 

The day before - book your blowdry or complete your full hair wash routine with a scalp and hair treatment of your choice at home. Putting the effort into perfecting your blowdry will ensure your ‘do’ really goes the distance! Pop in your Heatless Curler Kit overnight to wake up with ‘fresh out the salon’ bouncy curls. 

Day 1, 2, 3 + 4

AM - Once you’ve removed your Heatless Curler or Hair Wrap from the night before depending on how you’d like your hair to look come morning, brush through your hair with your fingers and add a light spritz of your favourite finishing spray for extra hold. 

PM - Either pop in your Heatless Curler Kit or gently place your hair into a loose bun on top of your head with your Hair Wrap over the top before you head to bed. This bun placement will ensure a boost of volume come morning! 

*This routine is hand luggage friendly as all you need is your Hair Wrap. If you have a little extra space, you can take your Heatless Curler Kit along with you for an overnight, bouncy blowout boost.


7 Days: the week away 

Repeat ‘the day before’ and Day 1-4 steps as above, adding in your Heatless Curler Kit overnight for a little extra bounce. 

Day 5 + 6

AM - Pick out your favourite 100% mulberry Hair Ties to secure your up-do, we always recommend a braid as it’s the kindest to your hair! 

PM – Keep your hair secured on top of your head for wear it loose under your SILKE Hair Wrap to protect and maintain overnight. 

Day 7 - We don’t recommend wearing your hair in any tight slicked back styles continuously, but if you wanted to rock that high pony, or chic low bun, today would be the day! It’s also the day before hair wash day, so why not utilise a hair mask or scalp oil to slick your hair back whilst treating your hair at the same time?


10+ Days: the long haul

Repeat ‘the day before’ and Day 1-3 steps as above, adding in your Heatless Curler Kit overnight or Hair Ties to secure any up-do’s. 

Day 4

AM - Pop in a hair mask or scalp oil in the AM to treat your hair whilst you wear it in a more slicked back look. Our favourite is a low bun or braid! 

PM - It’s time to blow-dry! Take the time to cleanse, condition, blowdry and style your hair as you like it. Scheduling your hair wash for midway through your longer holiday will keep your locks looking and feeling fresh. It’s also a great time to treat anything your hair may be lacking from being exposed to sun, salt, chlorine and sand. 

Day 5 - 9

Alternate between your Heatless Curler, Hair Wrap and Hair Ties to style and maintain your blowout however you’d like. 

Day 10

It’s time to repeat your treatment day with a scalp or hair treatment of your choice. A top tip is to pop in your treatments and let them sit in your hair as you travel home. 


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Love, SILKE xo

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