How To Prolong Your Curls Overnight

The ultimate guide to caring for your curls. 

Caring for your curls is essential if you want defined, shiny, bouncy texture. At SILKE, know how much effort it takes to make curls look their best, so we’re here to make sure that work lasts longer than wash-day.

It’s now very rare for the SILKE Hair Wrap to be left out of conversations about ‘the best products for curly hair’, and there’s good reason for that… 


Why use a silk hair wrap?

We know that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is one of the biggest causes of snapping, breakage, and damage for our hair. Whilst this goes for all hair types, for curly girls, keeping curls intact overnight can be a challenge. That’s why silk hair protection is so important for hydration, frizz-control and keeping curls looking their best day-in, day-out.


Silk vs. satin…

Choosing the best material to wrap your hair can make a world of difference to your hair and comfort while your sleep.

Satin is often used as a cheap alternative to silk, it’s a non-breathable fabric made from a synthetic weave. This can tend to feel hot, but can also promote those greasy roots that you’re trying to avoid. It can cause your hair to become more dry and brittle overtime as it absorbs moisture from your hair, much like the cotton pillowcase.

In comparison, silk is a 100% natural fibre. It’s breathable and non-absorbent, which is the top priority for hair-health. Silk is naturally rich in amino acids which are known for their strengthening and hydrating properties; say hello to healthy hair!


Are SILKE Hair Wraps worth it? 

Wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap encourages your hair cuticles to lay flat and stay hydrated. They say healthy hair starts at the scalp, and that’s true. Happy cuticles = happy curls. 

While we know higher quality means a higher price, we know you hair will thank you for it when you wake up to results from day one.

Wearing a SILKE Hair Wrap will also mean reducing the amount of other hair products you’ll need as you’ll be washing, treating and styling less. Plus, you’ll save electricity and water by minimising your hair care routine in this way as well. All in all, another win for the curly girls!


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Love, SILKE xo 

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