Dive Into the Summer Hair Trend That's Here To Stay

34% of women already adopt hair extensions into their beauty regime. 93% of women say they would consider adopting hair extensions into their regime in the future. Clearly there’s no doubt that uber long mermaid waves aren’t just a trend for the Summer, the style is here to stay. 

Adopted early by the Kardashian clan, the long, wavy, textured look is now a staple in major campaigns and across social media worldwide; it’s the hottest hair trend for Summer 2022 and beyond. 

Unless you’re committed to the long game of growing out your hair, consider hair extensions the quick, easy way to get the look, and we’re here to make them last all summer long.



How your SILKE Hair Wrap can extend the life of your hair extensions:

Prevents Tangles

One of the main causes of damage, snapping, and even loss of extensions, is tangling. This is mostly due to de-tangling via brushing, which is when they’re most vulnerable.

Wrapping your hair nightly means no disturbance to your hair whilst you sleep, so your extensions will be safe from unwanted tangles come morning! 

Boost of Moisture 

Abrasive fabrics such as cotton pillows suck the moisture out of your hair, and therefore your hair extensions. It’s super hard work to keep uber long hair and extensions hydrated, but by creating a physical barrier between your hair and those abrasive fabrics, it’ll help both your hair and your extensions hold onto that much needed moisture. 


Go The Distance 

Whether you’re growing your hair or love to rock extensions, if your hair is healthier it’ll a) grow faster and b) you’ll have less need to bin and change your hair extensions so frequently. 

The more healthy and well looked after both your real and faux hair is, the more distance it’ll cover. Love your hair extensions for longer. 

Keep Washing and Styling to a Minimum 

Washing and styling your hair properly on hair wash day can take an age with your natural hair alone, but add hair extensions into the mix and it can take MUCH more time out of your day! By wearing your hair wrap nightly you can keep greasy roots at bay, whilst maintaining your styling with ease and minimal effort. 

That means there’s less need for excessive washing, heated styling and time spent doing your hair! 


ASK THE EXPERT: How to get the Mermaid Hair look with no heat?

SILKE Founder, Maria Sotiriou says, 

“The mermaid hair look is super easy to create and maintain, even with long hair extensions. You simply split your hair into two (or more) sections and gently braid, once you’re finished braiding, tuck into your Hair Wrap

For a bit of extra volume and lift at the root, braid from the crown and place the braids in a criss-crossed position over the top of your head before tucking into your Hair Wrap

Come morning, pop off your Hair Wrap, gently undo your braids and ‘viola’, easy, overnight mermaid hair. If you need to top up that mermaid texture simply braid every night before popping on your Hair Wrap and you’ll see a boost of texture each and every morning until hair wash day. 

For a little extra hold, simply add a small amount of your favourite styling spray or mousse; keep this to a minimum if you want your hair to really last between washes!” 

Excited to try out the look? Show us your results on Instagram and TikTok by tagging @silkelondon.  

Love, SILKE xo

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