Savour The Blow-Dry

How to make that ‘fresh out the salon’ feeling last. 

Now that appointments with our favourite hair stylists and salons are back on the table, we never want to let them go again! 

Our FounderMaria Sotiriou is a professional hairdresser with 30+ years experience. Below she shares her top tips to prolong the life of your salon professional blow-dry!


"When cooking, cover your hair."

Condensation, scents and heat from the kitchen can wreak havoc on your pro quality blow-dry, so covering your hair can help it stay as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. 


"Avoid water."

Seems obvious, but covering your hair when you’re in the shower or bath will help any accidental water or steam from getting in contact with your hair. The air around us is full of moisture just waiting to flatten our bouncy blow-dry!


"Wrap your hair when lounging."

We (and you) know that wrapping hair at night is essential to protecting it from unnecessary damage, yet we forget to do the same when lounging on the sofa! Sofa sides, backs and pillows are just as abrasive as bed linen, so create a silky barrier between them and your hair with a SILKE Hair Wrap. PS: It’s the easiest way to look chic whilst binging Netflix at the same time… 


"Keep frizz at bay."

Whilst enjoying day 4, 5, 6+ hair is high on our agenda, sometimes frizz has other ideas. You can keep frizz at bay (without washing your hair or adding additional products) by blasting hair with hot air and then popping on a SILKE Hair Wrap. This will encourage any hair cuticles to lay flat, eliminating frizz and boosting shine.


"Revive the bounce."

Applying lots of hairsprays, styling products and over-using hot tools, is a fast track way to needing to wash your hair again! To revive the bounce in your blow-dry try rollers or heated rollers instead. This will help to add a boost to your hair, without weighing it down. PS: After having a blow dry or using rollers/any other styling for curls or volume, it's best to gather hair at the top of your head when putting on the SILKE Hair Wrap.


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x SILKE London

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