SILKE London’s Fashion Week Trend Predictions

It’s that time of the year once again; fashion month. 

The fashionable crowd gather in New York, London, Milan and Paris, eager and waiting to lap up the newest trends for the following season. 

Here at SILKE London, we love to share our predictions with you, so without further ado here are the top hair trends we think we’re all going to fall for next season… 

The Blunt Shoulder Crop 


We’re going to be seeing this ‘just above the shoulder’, short, blunt cut all season long. This particular creation by @davidvoncannon shows off just how beautiful and effortless this cut can look.

 The best thing about this is that once the cut is done all you need to blow-dry, style and wear your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly to maintain it; the more lived in the better with this style. 

If you’re seeking more blunt shoulder crop inspo, look no further than Kourtney Kardashian who’s also recently donned the style. 


Baby Braids 


A Summer trend that is here to stay. Baby Braids work as the perfect face frame, or sprinkled at random throughout your hair. It’s a playful, yet simple look that can really add some interest to your styling when you want to wear your hair down on day 4 and 5 post-hair wash. 

It’s also a brilliant option if you’re looking to go heat free. Pair with natural textured, air dried locks for a super pretty, yet casual feel. 


Uber Long Mermaid Locks


Take notes from Zendaya, uber long mermaid locks are going to be everywhere next season, so grab those extensions because the longer the better. 

The thinning out at the ends gives this look a whimsical feel, and from a practical point of view is easier to manage as the heaviness is taken away. 

But be warned, extensions need a lot of care and attention - one way you can make things easier, and create that desired mermaid texture overnight, is by loosely braiding your lengths and cocooning them inside your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly. Come morning all you have to do is unravel your braids and you’re ready to take on the day!


Neon Tips 


Nostalgic colour placement is coming back in full force, so why not have fun with it and opt for a pop of neon. After a long period of no access to our fave salons or stylists, this trend will allow them to really get their creative juices flowing. 

We’ll be using this image of Rihanna for @vogueitalia as reference for sure! 


Head over to our Instagram page @silkelondon and let us know which trends you think are going to stink this season. 


Love, SILKE xo 

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