How To Prepare For Your First Hair Appointment Post-Lockdown

Here in the UK, and in many other countries around the world, it’s been a really long time since we’ve visited a hair salon and had some much needed TLC from our beloved hairstylists…

So whether you’re looking to take matters into your own hands and give your hair the proper love and care it deserves or want to make sure you’re treating your hair the best way possible between now and your next hair appointment… we got you!

The more love you show your hair between now and your hair appointment, the more your stylist will be able to accomplish during that first appointment back in the salon!

Maria Sotiriou, Founder of SILKE London, has some top tips for you to follow. (We promise, your hair AND stylist will love you for it!)


Your first salon appointment should always include a trim”
If you have had a long gap between salon visits it’s important to have a trim asap. Leaving so much time between trims allows split ends to travel up your hair shaft, leaving ends looking thin and weak, and inhibiting any growth you have achieved in that time.

For your first salon visit back, ask your hair stylist how much they think you should have trimmed off and cut as much as you can bear!  That way, you can get started with healthy locks. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in both the length and wellbeing of your hair if you keep up with regular trims after that.

Wearing the SILKE hair wrap at night will also prevent split ends and stop existing ones from travelling along your hair shafts, optimising hair growth between trims.


“Make time to indulge in hair oils” 
Every two weeks, before you shampoo, warm up your hair with your blow dryer and apply oil to the scalp and lengths. Give it a good massage before leaving it on for an hour; it feels just as good as it is good for your hair. 

Once the hour is up, double shampoo, rinse and towel dry. Maria’s personal favourite natural oils to use are olive, almond or coconut. Think of it as a facial for your hair...


“Never ever skip your heat protector” 
A nice lightweight heat protection spray is a must.

When blow-drying hair, never rest the hairdryer directly on top of your brush wrapped with hair. Doing this will compromise its structure and subsequently create weakness to the hair shaft, resulting in premature split ends. 

Maria loves boar bristle brushes’ as they give the hair extra shine, whilst being more gentle than other brush options.




“Adopt a few simple steps to preserve colour”
Firstly it’s important to wash the scalp and hair properly and thoroughly so as to limit frequent washing; the aim is to wash hair a maximum of once a week.

Mild, sulphate free shampoos with quality ingredients are the best and the most cost-efficient. When shampooing coloured hair, it’s best to lower the temperature of the water; hot water strips hair colour faster. 

Direct heat on your hair also fades hair colour, so aim to try and not restyle hair in between shampoo days. The best way to do this is by using your SILKE Hair Wrap to distribute the hair’s natural oils from scalp to tip, reducing grease build up at the roots, as well as keeping your style frizz-free and intact.


“Don’t get discouraged by greys” 
To cover greys, Maria recommends parting the hair with an asymmetric parting, as opposed to direct parting. Another option is to make a zig zag parting as opposed to a straight parting.

If greys are still getting you down, Maria recommends a root touch up powder that you can sweep over the roots to make them less visible. 


“Invest in your hair care, it’s just as important as your skincare” 
Good quality, professional products are a must. Cost will balance out as you will need far less products because you’re washing your hair far less. In fact, The SILKE Hair Wrap will do the same job as a multitude of products and bring far greater results (with minimum effort)!

Love, SILKE x

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