The Best Hair Tool for Traveling

Forgot your plug adapter? No problem. 

Too hot for hot tools? No sweat.

No time to style? That’s fine, just wake up and go! 

We like to think there’s nothing the SILKE Heatless Curler can’t do… After all, this is NOT your average hair tool. This special addition to the 100% silk, SILKE London line up is on hand to give you the healthiest, biggest, bounciest curls this summer, without any of the extreme damage caused by heated hair tools! 



“We’ve seen people use bathrobe ties, socks and poor quality, hair-damaging synthetic satin curlers – so we decided it’s time customers got the curler they deserved.” – Maria Sotiriou, co-founder

Made of 100% pure 22 momme grade silk, our SILKE Heatless Curler is packaged in a beautiful, reusable cosmetic bag with a customised acetate clip and two pure silk hair ties - it includes everything you’ll need to curl, protect and maintain your style while you travel.



Why should you go heatless on holiday?

Easy to use. 

Simply pop your heatless curler into dry hair (freshly washed or not) and chill out by the pool or on the beach - and voila, you’re done. No styling skills required. 


Just like our SILKE Hair Wrap, you’ll already know the feel of whipping it off in the morning and being good to go - no messing around with styling! 

Wrap your hair round our silky-smooth curler, leave it in for just a few hours, overnight, whilst getting airport-ready or on the plane, to leave the airport holiday-ready! It doesn’t get much more efficient than that. 

Zero damage. 

Even with other heatless methods, your hair is still incurring a certain amount of damage due to abrasive fabrics being in the mix… It’s time to put those socks back in their drawer!

Our Heatless Curler not only requires no effort, but it ensures your hair is safe from breakage, damage, and split ends, with blow-dry level, bounce. 



Plus, it seamlessly slots into the ultimate SILKE Summer hair routine

Style, with the SILKE Heatless Curler, protect with the SILKE Hair Wrap and maintain with the SILKE Hair Ties. Time to build you 100% silk routine that your hair is going to LOVE! 

Love, SILKE xo

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