World Afro Day

Wrapping the hair, and wearing a silk or satin bonnet nightly, has been a huge part of a beauty and hair care routine for those with Afro and Textured hair for centuries. 

When she was faced with hair breakage happening overnight our founder, Maria Sotiriou, drew inspiration from her own mixed, Caribbean heritage when designing and creating the SILKE London Hair Wrap

To celebrate World Afro Day, let’s focus on Afro and Textured hair with some of Maria’s top tips when it comes to caring, wearing and enjoying it. 

Wash Your Hair Less

Maria says, “10 to 14 days is a realistic time to leave between hair wash days”. 

Her top tip would be, “Pop in an olive or coconut oil treatment overnight before hair wash day so the hair can really reep the benefits and overall improve the structure of the curls”. 

When it comes to the hair wash, always use a Sulphate Free shampoo and really focus on the scalp to remove any oil or skin build up. 

Maria says, “hair grows best when the scalp is kept clean”. 

Cocktail Conditioners 

Why enjoy the benefits of one conditioner, when you can have more than one? Maria recommends using a conditioning treatment that is applied during your hair wash, leaving it on for ten minutes, then washing it out with warm water. 

Then once the hair has been gently combed from tips to roots, tips first and roots last, with a wide tooth comb, gently squeeze out any excess water before applying a leave-in conditioner. 

Trim, Trim, Trim 

An age-old tip, but one that should always be followed, “regular hair trims every 8 to 10 weeks are needed or when the tips of hair are looking dry or split.” 

Maria says this is essential to the health of the hair and hair growth. 

Steam It Up 

Whenever you’re using treatments, which should be regularly to keep the hair lubricated and supple, apply steam or warmth during the treatment time. 

Maria says, “this will enhance the benefits of the treatment!” 

Wear Your SILKE Hair Wrap Nightly 

There are many reasons why cocooning the hair in 100% pure silk nightly is beneficial, but we’ve listed a few below for you: 

  • Acts as a physical barrier between your hair and abrasive fabrics 
  • Equally distributes the scalps natural oils from root to tip so the whole length of the hair can benefit from the natural hydration, as well as keeping oily roots at bay 
  • It increases the hair’s porosity, meaning your hair will be able to absorb and maintain more moisturise from things like hair oils or treatments 
  • Prevent any snapping, snagging and breakage that can happen overnight 

Love, SILKE xo

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