14 Alternative Uses For Your SILKE Hair Wrap

Thought that your SILKE Hair Wrap was reserved for the bedroom only? Think again... Below are 14 alternative uses for your Hair Wrap, that you may have never thought of trying out before!


1. Wear it under your winter hat to protect against the damage of your hat’s fabric and keep hair frizz-free in cold, wet weather.

2. Protect your skin whilst you sleep by keeping hair off your face and neck, reducing break-outs and congestion.

3. For straight hair, cocoon your hair in loose braids overnight and enjoy the perfect heatless waves come morning.

4. Wear it whilst doing your make-up to keep your hair off your face + frizz-free, especially in humid bathrooms.

5. UV light damages hair fibre. Protect against UV when using digital screens. Perfect all those hours spent working from home.

6. Whilst you’re enjoying the last of those days cranking up the central heating, wear at home to protect against dehydration caused by heating.

7. As the weather heats up, wear around the garden and pack for future holidays to protect against sun damage.

8. When laying on the sofa watching TV, the Hair Wrap reduces friction damage from your sofa and cushions.

9. When cooking or cleaning/doing your chores, keep your hair out of your face and prevent it from getting ruffled.

10. Put it on a couple of hours before a (Zoom) event for a quick hair boost; reduce frizz, boost shine and add smoothness in no time.

11. Use as an overnight deep conditioning hair mask.

12. For any future travel plans, use it during a flight to boost moisture, reduce static and ensure you arrive at your destination with style-ready hair! 

13. Use it before and after hair colour or treatment, as it helps maintain the colour and any treatment.

14. Wear whilst basking in the sunshine to reduce UV damage and frizz. This will also eliminate the need to restyle your hair; day to night has never been so easy!

So there you have it... Treating your hair with SILKE isn’t just reserved for your time in bed! Make every moment a hair care opportunity with minimum effort thanks to your SILKE Hair Wrap

Love, SILKE x

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