Hair Trend: Au Natural

The biggest hair trend to touch every single hair type this Autumn/Winter is to embrace our natural beauty.

Sounds super easy until you’re faced with the ultimate bed head and reach for the heated tools again! SILKE London are here to share their top 6 tips for embracing, and loving, your natural mane… 


Tip 1: Choose a haircut based on your hair texture, face shape and needs.

Problems usually arise when we choose a haircut based on a trend, or someone else's style, but it doesn’t truly work for us.. You’ll spend every morning fighting against it! 

Let your hairdresser make suggestions based on the way your hair naturally falls, this way you’ll be working with your hair, not against it. 

Tip 2: Embrace that texture. 

Curly girls trying to make their hair straight, straight haired girls trying to make their hair curly.. It’s going to cause your hair a lot of unnecessary damage. 

If you work with your natural texture by ensuring you’re using the correct products and techniques for your hair type, it’ll develop into its best self. 

Tip 3: Frizz doesn’t need to ruin your day. 

So many of us hate on our natural hair, not because of the style of texture, but because of the daily fight against frizz. 

By wearing a SILKE London Hair Wrap, and cocooning your hair in 100% pure silk each night, the amazing natural qualities of silk for the hair will keep that frizz at bay. The Hair Wrap ensures that each strand of hair is nourished and hydrated from root to tip, so say goodbye to unwanted frizz. 

Tip 4: Enhance with colour. 

Embracing your ‘natural’ doesn’t mean ditching colour! Colour is an amazing tool that can be used to bring shadows and highlights to the hair to make it look like the absolute best version it can be. Sometimes an ‘all over’ colour can look flat and dull, but adding a little bit of depth here and there will bring it to life on a daily basis without any hassle. 

Tip 5: Select your styles. 

We often cause a lot of unnecessary damage to our hair by switching in and out of different styles; we start the day off with hair down, then it’s in a top knot, then it's in a low pony, and by the end of the day we’re storing pens in it! 

Choose a style that’s going to work for your day, then choose your favourite colour SILKE London Hair Tie, and allow the super strong internal elastic to keep it in place all day long, whilst the 100% pure silk exterior protect the hair from any snapping, snagging or kinks! 

Tip 6: Take time for your mane. 

If you want something to look gorgeous naturally, you need to take time out to give it the TLC it deserves. Regular weekly hair masks, tending to your scalp, and investing in really good products, make all the difference.


Love your hair and it’ll love you right back! 

Love, SILKE x

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