Inspiration: Party Hair at Home

Party hair is going to look a little different this year... But fear not, here at SILKE we have all the inspiration you’ll need to make it just as fun at home!


First up is @courtney__flowers and her SILKE COCO Hair Tie...

Did you know that when you tie your hair in the same bun or ponytail every day, it causes a lot of tension on your hair which can result in unnecessary damage? Embrace the time at home and try switching up your hairstyle to this quick and easy half-up/half-down look.



Sleek styles, inspired by @bellahadid...

Make it slick, and make it sleek. This look is perfect for those 'day 4, 5, 6' days, when you want to look styled, but don’t want to wash your hair. 

Working with your hair’s natural oils, create a deep, sharp parting, sweeping your lengths back into a bun at the crown of your head. Allowing a few stray ‘spikey’ pieces around the bun will give it a cool, 90’s flair like Bella’s. 

Be sure to opt for a SILKE Hair Tie to keep your hair safe from damage when going for these tighter up-do’s!



Next up is Marina @the.stylehaus, using our SILKE COCO Hair Tie to showcase how you can create 4 super quick & easy styles without any effort...

A low bun will ALWAYS be such a chic and easy go-to look. We love how Marina shows off that you can create this look beautifully on textured hair. 

Gently pulling out little pieces around the face really frames the look, and makes the overall style feel more romantic and relaxed. 



Braided babes, take it from @zendaya and opt for a Christmas colour...

Make the most of that time in the salon in the run up to Christmas with some beautiful fresh braids in a rich, red tone. Keep your braids looking perfect for longer by cocooning them inside a SILKE Hair Wrap each and every night.

P.S. Why not colour co-ordinate with The Dita for the best & chicest night's sleep your hair has ever had!



Finally, the easy, peasy 10-second pony by @pennyfrance...

Penny used our SILKE COCO Hair Tie to secure a relaxed high ponytail, which compliments her lighter locks perfectly. For extra Christmassy vibes simply add a touch of holiday flair by opting for a super vibrant jewel tone Hair Tie from our Frida pack

And why not take it one step further and match your Hair Tie to your outfit? The red and green options are perfect for Christmas Day whilst our other colours will complement every one of your possible festive outfits (and/or loungewear looks)! P.S. Our SILKE ties are so beautiful that they'll also look just as chic on your wrist! 



We hope you enjoy giving these styles a try at home. Tag us @silkelondon when you show off your creations over on the gram

Love, SILKE x

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Can I use the Silke Hair Ties for banding natural afro hair after shampoo and leave-in conditioner? And then sleeping with the Ties overnight and only taking out when my hair is 100% dry without damaging my hair?

Kind regards


Julia January 26, 2021

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