SILKE London Does New Year Party Hair

The glitz and glam doesn’t end with Christmas, this New Year we’re ready to take it up a level! 

We’ve put together our top three picks for hair inspo along with some pro tips to help you achieve them at home. 

Fairy Hair


Inspired by the ultimate duo, @petrafcollins and @alexademie and their new collaborative photography project, Fairy Tales; we’re challenging their vibe with our hair this New Year. 

This one’s super easy to recreate with a few hair placement tips and tricks. 


First things first, create a soft, frizz free texture. It’s easy to do this with no hot tools by gently braiding your hair and cocooning in your Hair Wrap overnight. 

When you pop off your Wrap in the morning you’ll have frizz free, hydrated, happy hair with soft texture - perfect for a Fairy Hair look. 

Next up is, styling. Take small sections of hair from just above your ears, you want to leave a soft section in front of your ear, tucking the rest behind leaving your ear if you’re wearing it down, and if you prefer an up-do, taking that back into the rest of your styling. At this stage you should have your ear poking through which creates instant Fairy vibes. 

Continue to gently encourage small pieces of hair to fall forwards around your hairline, further softening your look, and framing your face. 

You can either leave the rest of your hair down, showing off that soft whimsical texture, or sweeping it into an up-do. The key to an up-do in this style is to keep it loose and use clips to secure pieces instead of a Hair Tie. 


Braids For Days 


@kristen_mcmenamy gives us all the inspo we need when it comes to rocking waist length braids. We’d love to be blessed with her white lengths, but if like us you’re lacking in length, you can easily fake it with a little bit of extension magic. 

Whether you want a slightly more long lasting option such as tapes or micro bonds, or a simple ‘just for the night’ clip-in, extensions are super easy to blend in a braid so it’s totally possible to pop in and style at home. 

Extensions are notorious for getting tangled, so we recommend storing your extensions cocooned gently inside a SILKE Hair Wrap if they’re clip-ins, or wearing your Hair Wrap nightly if they’re tapes or extensions. This will prevent tangles and help you to keep hair washing and styling to a minimum so those extra lengths can really go the distance for you! 

And why not secure those braids with SILKE Hair Ties? They’re a statement accessory whether they’re holding your braids in place or hanging out on your wrist and they come in an array of colours so you can either match your hair colour or pick out a pop of colour. 

Big On Volume


Embrace your natural texture and treat your curls! @sza’s big, voluminous, curly look is the perfect balance between ‘cool girl’ and glam.

Wearing your Hair Wrap nightly is a must to keep your natural texture in the best condition. Cocooning your curls in 100% mulberry silk keeps them safe from abrasive fabrics such as cotton pillows, which are infamous for draining the hair of moisture and causing unnecessary snapping, snagging and damage! 

It also encourages the hair cuticles to lay flat; this keeps unwanted bed head frizz at bay saving you time and effort each and every morning. 

Simply pop off your Hair Wrap, apply your favourite oil to your ends, and you’re ready to party. 


Love, SILKE xo 

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